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Subject: Tomorrow: Join 29 Nerdettes at "Code & Coffee"

Code & Coffee
Girl Develop It Rochester
Saturday, February 7, 2015
2:00 PM
Village Bakery & Cafe @ The Armory
145 Culver Road
Rochester, NY
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29 Nerdettes going, including:

[thumb_2423]  Shadi Kafi

[thumb_2433]  Illy Ali

[thumb_2175] Sarah Federman
             "Junior New Media Design major and Web Development minor @ RIT.
             Also an Adobe Rep and Advisor. Excited to be a part of the

[thumb_9452] Ruth Harper
             "I am a PR manager for local nonprofit who is interested in
             learning and helping to improve the world. "

[thumb_9818] Rob
             "I'm the president and founder of the Rochester Makerspace, a
             nonprofit community..."

[thumb_2098] Girl Develop It
             "Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to
             provide affordable and..."

Our second Code & Coffee is upon us!  Are you hoping to build a new application
or talk through an idea you have? Want advice on your latest web designs or
mobile applications? Need help solving a problem with your code? Come join us!
Learn more
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