[Lugor-public] Any One Looking For A Job?

J. Hart jfhart085 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 15:21:11 EDT 2016

Are you hiring for these linux positions, or are you soliciting 
customers for a training program ?
What sort of business is this local business in the Henrietta area ?

On 09/12/16 12:24, MichaelK Balentine wrote:
> Hello Lugor,
> I am a technical trainer for a local business in the Henrietta area. I 
> train people in Linux, Bash, Perl, Regular Expressions, Networking and 
> several other technical fields. I do all this to prepare people to 
> provide technical support for enterprise Linux servers for some of the 
> largest corporations in the world.
> Because the training program is so intensive we are always looking for 
> people with a strong background in Linux. So my question for you is 
> are any of you looking for a job working with Linux servers? You don't 
> need a degree or any certifications, just a long time passion for 
> playing around with computers. If there has ever been a part of you 
> that looks at the landscape of digital warfare and says "I really wish 
> I were a white hat hacker" well this might be an opportunity for you.

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